Purchase of Private Owner Financed Notes – Sale of Your Business

Private Owner Financed Business Notes are promissory notes held by the seller of a business and payable by a new purchasing owner. Typically, Owner Financed Business Notes due to one business partner buying out the other business partner. At WII Alliance our parent company has a contract with an investor with its underwriters established for this market segment. We can provide holders of promissory notes secured by the assets of a business with lump sum cash which applied to:

Education and re-training.
Medical emergencies.
Purchase of a new business.
Engage new investment opportunities.
Purchase of a home or vacation property.
Travel trips and vacations.
Savings and long term planning.

We can obtain for you a “no obligation” confidential quote on your owner financed business note. To do this, please send us an email and will provide you a one page form requesting basic and essential information which will be provided to our underwriters.

Note: Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Business Brokers: Due to the hesitancy of commercial banks to finance sales of small businesses, Private Owner Financed Business Notes are widely used in transactions and can often provide the stimulus and enabling element to consummate the transaction. Sellers would prefer not to hold mortgage paper for long periods of time. Before you enter into establishing a transaction please contact us regarding how to plan your Owner Financed Business Note and optimize it for resale at a later date.

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